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We are Isabelle and Eric. We have been living since 1995 in Vitry-en-Perthois where our three children grew up. Isabelle has been retired since 2019 after a career in agricultural and wine accounting while Eric is a cereal farmer in the Marne and the Meuse. We are very involved in the community life of our village, Eric is also a village councilman.

We have always admired this beautiful building on the edge of Saulx.

In 2019, when we learned that the rectory was for sale,

we both had the same idea:

renovate it to make it an exceptional cottage and welcome guests.

Very quickly, we decided to purchase and restore it using competences from local businesses. Eric monitored the house's groundwork renovation while Isabelle managed the house interior design including paintings and furnitures.


After more than a year of almost full time work, surprises and emotions, we gave a second life to the presbytery and renamed it Gîte Saint Nicolas to honor the statue standing in the park.

Despite facing the challenges we all went through in 2020 and 2021, we were able to meet the deadlines. This project is important to us: it also gives us a second life! It will allow us to meet people from multiple horizons, to share our love with ancient houses and promote our village and our region.


It's an amazing adventure - and it's just beginning! We are very happy today to finally be able to open the doors of Gîte Saint Nicolas to you.

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