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The most legendary of all drinks!

Symbol of elegance and celebration, champagne is the flagship product of our beautiful region. More than 16,000 winegrowers produce more than 300 million bottles each year, half of which is exported abroad.

The Association for the Promotion of Champagne and Coteaux Vitryats has been focusing on wine tourism for 2 years to promote the conviviality and Vitry region vineyards. The Champagne Tourist Route is approximately 60 kilometers of tiny roads crossing hills, mountains and allows you to discover about fifteen villages with a typical Champagne architecture.

You can stop to taste the bubbles of our local partner winemakers:


A simple and delightful moment, bubbles and smiles, and a passion transmitted during the visit of Munier-Chevalier maison, a family business !

All information on

their Facebook page .

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Born and raised in Vitry-en-Perthois, Antoine Chevalier transformed his entire vineyard in 2016 into an organic and fertilizer friendly wineyard and share his passion for Champagne.

Visit of the vineyard available in combi,

find out more by clicking here !

For more information on champagnes from Vitry region,

you can visit their Facebook page by clicking here !

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