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Le vieux gîte.jfif

A former rectory built in 1853 and

located in the center of the village

The rectory has a long history since it has been built at the beginning of the French Second Empire (Napoleon III).

You enter the property via a magnificient blue portal built by Metalwork Companions. A  cast iron plate stating "Vitry Brule", completing by a cross reminds one of the many tragic fires Vitry-en-Perthois went through.


The mansion's walls are made of aged colorful bricks while the bases and windows' surroundings are in stone. The four-sided tiled roof collects rainwater using a special gutter system. Inside the house, the first floor is accessible via a pretty rounded oak staircase.

A statue of Saint Nicolas, saint of boatmen, stands at the back of the garden. It is said the statue was built to protect workers who used to carry on various goods on large boats heading towards Paris via the Saulx river flowing into the Marne then into the Seine.

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